Ashton HertzAbout

Hi there!
My name is Ashton, I’m a senior producer from London with 10 years experience, currently working at Territory Studio. I work primarily in film and episodic, but also have experience working with brands and experiential projects. 

Beyond producing, I also am a director and photographer, and have a keen interest in experimental art including video synth and vhs visuals. 

For any inquires, please feel free to drop me an email 



Birmingham Design Festival Talk

VES Talk

VFX and Chill interview

Select Recent Feature Film and Television Credits 

2024 Dune Part 2 : Executive Producer (Territory Studio)

2023 Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan; Seasons 3-4 : VFX Executive Producer (Territory Studio)

2023 Paradise : VFX Executive Producer (Territory Studio)

2023 Mission Impossible - Dead Reckoning Pt 1: VFX Executive Producer (Territory Studio)

2023 Antman and the Wasp - Quantumania : VFX and Screen Graphics Executive Producer (Territory Studio)

2023 The Swarm; Season 1 : Screen Graphics Executive Producer (Territory Studio)

2022 Black Panther - Wakanda Forever : VFX Senior Producer (Territory Studio)

2022 The Batman : VFX and Screen Graphics Producer (Territory Studio)

Selected Brand Clients 

Photography                                                         2016-today
Featured in Vice and Kerrang Magazine

Post-Production2013 - today
Seletcted work as a Senior and Executive Producer

Clients have included Marvel, Legendary, Adiddas, Warner Bros, et al.

Mission Impossible (2023)
Al Jazeera rebrand (2020)
The Swarm (2023)
Antman and the Wasp (2023)
Paradise (2023)
Avenue 5 (2018)
Adiddas POD (2019)
Black Mirror (2018)
Foundation (2020)
The Batman (2022)
Many exciting things to be uploaded soon